Our Founders

Brian Rayl responds to Hurricane Ida

Brian Rayl

MBA, BSN, RN, Paramedic

Brian is a dedicated and experienced individual who has spent more than 20 years making a positive impact in the medical field as a paramedic and nurse and has dedicated his life to making a difference in people's lives when it mattered most.

Through his remarkable journey, Brian has exemplified what it means to be a true humanitarian. His extensive experience in the medical field, coupled with his unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on others, has made him a beacon of hope for countless individuals and communities facing adversity. Brian's presence and actions have touched lives during some of the most challenging times, leaving a lasting impact that resonates far beyond the immediate crisis.

Christopher "Chris" Wallace

Christopher Wallace

Christopher's story is one of service and resilience, rooted in his experience as a former marine. This background instilled in him the values of discipline, leadership, and unwavering commitment—qualities that have continued to guide him throughout his diverse career.

Christopher is a remarkable individual whose journey has been defined by a profound dedication to serving others in the most challenging of circumstances. With a background spanning disaster response and recovery, emergency medicine, and flight nursing, Christopher brings a unique blend of compassion, expertise, and personal experience that continues to make the world a better place.

Christopher's commitment goes beyond professional qualifications—it's a calling deeply ingrained in his character. His empathy and tireless work ethic have made him an invaluable asset to the communities he serves, offering solace and support in times of crisis.

Maria Estrada

Maria Estrada

Maria Estrada, a dynamic and accomplished professional, currently holds the esteemed position of Vice President of Operations at Energy Ogre. With a background steeped in strategic leadership and operational prowess, Maria brings a wealth of expertise to the table that is uniquely poised to make a significant impact on our nonprofit efforts.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Maria's passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others shines brightly. Her dedication to community well-being and her drive to alleviate the impact of adversity resonates deeply with our nonprofit's core values.